Football Fans In Training (FFIT)

Football Fans in Training (FFIT) is a free fitness programme delivered by St Mirren FC Charitable Foundation in partnership with the SPFL Trust which aims to improve physical and mental wellbeing, in the welcoming environment of the stadium.

As Europe’s most successful sport intervention programme, it is well-renowned for its success delivered in countries across the globe to promote weight loss and wellbeing.

There are two identical programmes, one for men and one for women on Monday nights and Wednesday nights, respectively, running between 6:30pm – 8:00pm.

There are 3 intakes per year, occurring in January, June, and September with each block lasting 13 weeks. Participants must be aged 35-65 and have an active interest in health and fitness. To join, you must have either a BMI over 30, waist size over 34 inches, or be displaying red flag concerns for diabetes.

FFIT provides an opportunity for personal growth and weight loss in a friendly environment while creating life-long connections and friendships.

The next block kicks off June 20th and 22nd!

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"The instructors were really helpful and really encouraged everyone to do their best within their own capabilities. As a result of the three months, I've made a whole bunch of new friends" - Robert

"Feeling like you belong to part of a team, that was really important to me" - Suzie

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